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White Rose

Ancestral Herbals - Arizona Soap Company

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White Rose

White Rose. One of my favorite rose bushes was a bare root rose I bought somewhere when my kids were very small. It was some type of white rose. When it bloomed, however, the color was closer to butter yellow and one rose off that bush could scent my entire kitchen. It was a lighter and cleaner scent than the red roses in the yard. Circumstances changed for me and I lost that rose. :/ when I mixed this scent up, it smelled a lot like that rose. So I created this one in remembrance. It’s a super kind vegan formulation that is low-coconut. #vegan #Youneverknewsoapcouldbelikethis #arizona #Youneverknewsoapcouldbethisgood #tucsonarizona #thisisprobablytheonlytimeiwillmakethis

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