VEGAN Pain cream + Muscle Rub set

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One of each of the Glucosamine MSM Pain Cream and Muscle Rub.  Matching sets only.

To purchase separately: Pain Cream   or   Muscle Rub

Glucosamine MSM Pain Cream is a cream made with frankincense and myrrh, glucosamine and msm. I created it for neuropathy, arthritis and tendinitis although, many customers use it on surgery areas, broken bones (honestly, pretty much anything and everything).
Muscle Rub is made with camphor, menthol and essential oils. It*s petroleum jelly free - I create the base with cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil and candelilla wax.  It*s kind of like tiger balm but better.
They each work great on their own, but if you have pain that interferes with sleep, using the pain cream first, then a little muscle rub over will give some deep relief and allow for rest. Using them in this sequence - Pain cream first, then muscle rub over, is also a great buffer for very sensitive skin.
APPLY Glucosamine MSM Pain Cream first, then if needed, apply a small amount of Muscle Rub over.  Remember that a little goes a long way and the effects are cumulative - your 2nd application will feel much better than the 1st.  WASH HANDS AFTER APPLYING

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