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Peppermint Soap

Arizona Soap Company

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Peppermint Soap

Luxurious soap made with peppermint infused olive oil, peppermint essential oil and peppermint fragrance. 

I love red. No, really. I LOVE red. It’s been my favorite color since I was quite young - 3 or 4.
In my life, I’ve practiced several arts. Fiber arts, altered books, and now, the one I feel most at home with: soap.
Red is a problematic color in all of them. It’s hard to get a red that will set in fabric. Or if you can find a red, it may set temporarily. So, if your Art happens to include function (always part of my deal - function and form, neither necessarily more important than the other), the color is sadly temporary. In soap, we have a few natural options for reds - oxides in several tints (which I have had great success with honestly), madder root (also a love, but you have to use a LOT), and sandalwood (which, depending on when you add to your soap, the alkalinity may make it more purple than red). They may fade if the soap sits in the sun for extended times, but overall, great colors and long lasting.
Just not bright red.
One of the vendors I buy colorants from has been working on a bright red colorant for some time. I was taken in by the pretty color and decided to try it. Oh my.
I see why people fall into the synthetic colors so easily.
It’s beautiful. It’s red. The scent is peppermint infused olive oil, peppermint essential oil and a (phthalate-free and paraben-free of course) fragrance blended. #ilovered #Youneverknewsoapcouldbelikethis #vegan #Youneverknewsoapcouldbethisgood #peppermint

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