Herbal Soap - Dog Soap

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This is not just dog soap, lots of people love it!  However, when I created this formula, I did have pups in mind.  If you're currently using shampoo on your dog, you're in for a treat - this goes into the coat quickly and rinses out just as fast!  I noticed that I could get 2 coats of soap into and out of my husky's coat in less time than it took to rinse one shampoo out!

Crafted with a blend of grass fed beef and buffalo tallows, olive oil, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, Oatmeal and organic shea butter; enhanced with silk, nettles, meadowfoam seed oil, rice bran oil,  jojoba oil, fresh rosemary & creosote from my garden.  The scent is a proprietary blend of essential oils.

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