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Scrubby Stix - Sedona

Ancestral Herbals

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Scrubby Stix - Sedona
Scrubby Stix - Sedona
Scrubby Stix - Sedona

A beautiful soap with loads of pumice in the turquoise and ground walnut hull in the brown.  Scented with Cedar and Sage Essential Oil / Fragrance Oil Blend.  Wonderful for sandal feet, garden hands, mechanic hands, painter's hands, etc.

Note: the photos depict the way different batches turn out. When you order, you'll receive soap from the batch that is currently available and may or may not look like the ones depicted. In other words, the colors will be the same, the pattern may not be. 


Beef Tallow, Spring Water, Certified Organic Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, NaOH, Castor Oil,  Organic Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Wildcrafted Silk, Super Fine Pumice, Walnut Hulls,  Essential Oil - Fragrance Oil Blend, Minerals.

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