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Healing Salve

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Healing Salve

When I first made this, it was called Healing Salve.  Then this Amish guy got thrown in jail for his healing salve and I freaked a little - because my salve REALLY works! I've grown a bit over the last couple of years and it takes more to freak me out.  Maybe I'm just exhausted LOL. It's Healing Salve again.  :)  This stuff is great for pretty much anything.  Olive oil infused with St. Johns Wort, Comfrey, Chickweed, Echinacea, Arnica, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Oregon Grape Root.  This healing oil is combined with candelilla wax to make a healing salve. Vegan.


Hand made in small batches with:  Herbal OIl (Organic Olive oil meticulously infused with Calendula, Comfrey root, Comfrey leaf, St. Johns Wort, Arnica, Echinacea, Oregon Grape Root, Echinacea),  Candelilla Wax.


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